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Re: (ITS#7019) attribute auditContext should not get replicated

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Of course, you've also been around the Project for pretty much its entire
>> existence, and ought to know by now what information is needed in a useful bug
>> report.
> I didn't expect having to provide a complete working setup for each small
> issue. MMR setup with slapo-accesslog attached to each provider already says
> it all. I also didn't expect to read non-sense about the accesslog DB itself
> being replicated (see follow-up 1).
> Demanding more and more information for almost trivial things pretty much
> reminds me of bad support for commercial products.

You seem to forget that nobody has any obligation to help you, at all. You're 
imposing on the generosity of volunteers. If you're just going to complain 
about the response you get, as opposed to trying to help other people help 
you, then you should not be surprised if no help materializes.

I even agree with you that follow-up #1 is nonsense. S#1t happens. Would you 
prefer that we moderate/censor all replies before they get posted? What 
exactly is it that you believe you're entitled to?

> Now we'll see if this ITS will ever turn out something useful...

With an attitude like that, why should anybody even take the time?

> Ciao, Michael.

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