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Re: (ITS#7019) attribute auditContext should not get replicated

Michael Ströder wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> Hm, I take this back. slapd/result.c already filters out DSA-specific opattrs
>> on the provider side, when the Syncrepl control is present. Something else is
>> going on here, but since you failed to provide any config info there's no way
>> to tell where the problem is.
> Ah nice language, "you failed" boils down to "you suck".

If you want to read that into it, that's your problem.

Of course, you've also been around the Project for pretty much its entire 
existence, and ought to know by now what information is needed in a useful bug 
report. If, knowing what you know, you still choose not to file useful bug 
reports, that's also your problem.

> Anyway: http://www.stroeder.com/temp/openldap-testbed-RE24-mmr.tar.gz
> 0. Obviously you have to edit paths...
> 1. Load schulung-initial-1.ldif to one of the providers.
> 2. Modiy entry ou=schulung,dc=stroeder,dc=local.
> =>
> dn: ou=schulung,dc=stroeder,dc=local
> auditContext: cn=accesslog,dc=stroeder,dc=local
> auditContext: cn=accesslog,dc=stroeder,dc=local
> [..]
> Tried this several times...

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