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RE: (ITS#6995) Request for Contribution of Identity Access Management Software to OpenLDAP Project

<html><body><span style=3D"font-family:Verdana; color:#000000; font-size:10=
pt;"><div>Kurt, thanks for taking the time to look this over and allowing t=
his to proceed.&nbsp; We are looking forward to working with you and the ot=
hers on this project in the near future.&nbsp; This has been a long time co=
ming for us and we appreciate this opportunity.</div><div><br></div><div>He=
re's the statement of origin. <br></div><div><br></div><div>The product nam=
ed "Fortress Core" includes contributions that were created by JoshuaTree S=
oftware, LLC, who =0Ais the exclusive owner of the works.&nbsp; This contri=
bution is made =0Aavailable as indicated by the copyright and license state=
ments attached to the the =0Awork.</div><div><br></div><div></div><div>Shaw=
n McKinney</div><blockquote id=3D"replyBlockquote" webmail=3D"1" style=3D"b=
order-left: 2px solid blue; margin-left: 8px; padding-left: 8px; font-size:=
 10pt; color: black; font-family: verdana;">=0A<div id=3D"wmQuoteWrapper">=
=0A-------- Original Message --------<br>=0ASubject: Re: (ITS#6995) Request=
 for Contribution of Identity Access<br>=0AManagement Software to OpenLDAP =
Project<br>=0AFrom: Kurt Zeilenga &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org";>=
Kurt@OpenLDAP.org</a>&gt;<br>=0ADate: Mon, August 15, 2011 2:35 pm<br>=0ATo=
: <a href=3D"http://shawn.mckinney@jtstools.com";>shawn.mckinney@jtstools.co=
m</a><br>=0ACc: <a href=3D"mailto:openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org";>openldap-its@O=
penLDAP.org</a><br>=0A<br>=0AShawn,<br>=0A<br>=0AI have reviewed the submit=
ted materials.<br>=0A<br>=0AOther than a lack of a statement of origin, I f=
ind no reason why these materials cannot be accepted.  Please submit a "sta=
tement of origin" in a follow-up to this ITS.  This can simply be a stateme=
nt to the effect that the all the submitted materials were authored by Josh=
uaTree Software, JoshaaTree is the exclusive owner of the works, and that t=
he contribution is made available as indicated by the copyright and license=
 statements in the work.  If the work includes materials derived from works=
 to which others own or otherwise have rights to, please detail.<br>=0A<br>=
=0AThe Foundation has no objection to the Project establishing a sub-projec=
t of the OpenLDAP Project, similar to the Java LDAP and JDBC-LDAP sub proje=
cts, to develop works based upon your contribution.  It is the Foundation u=
nderstanding that Project is also willing to establish such a sub-project, =
and extend commit privs to the key developers who produced the contributed =
work.<br>=0A<br>=0AIt is noted that the OpenLDAP Foundation, if it accepts =
the final contribution, would from time to time publish works derived (such=
 as the source repository itself, and possibly packaged source bundles) fro=
m your contribution as well as possibly the contributions of others.  The O=
penLDAP Foundation will license its copyright right interests (initially li=
kely quite limited) using the OpenLDAP Public License, and will encourage c=
ommunity members to license their contributions in a manner consistent with=
 our general contribution guidelines.  The OpenLDAP Public License is compa=
tible with the 'New BSD open source license' and similar in its basic terms=
.<br>=0A<br>=0AThe initial COPYRIGHT file (upon acceptance and initial publ=
ication by the OpenLDAP Foundation) would be based on the COPYRIGHT file cu=
rrently found in OpenLDAP Software distributions, excepting JoshuaTree Soft=
ware would be named as the contributor of the materials for which the publi=
shed work is derived from, and notice immediately following the Foundation'=
s notice would be that provided by JoshauTree covering the work as contribu=
tions.<br>=0A<br>=0AIt is noted that I recently attempted to re-download th=
e materials and they were no longer available.  That fine, we'd want you to=
 upload fresh zips to our servers once we all were ready to proceed.<br>=0A=
<br>=0ARegards, Kurt<br>=0A<br>=0AOn Jul 14, 2011, at 6:51 PM, <a href=3D"h=
ttp://shawn.mckinney@jtstools.com">shawn.mckinney@jtstools.com</a> wrote:<b=
r>=0A<br>=0A&gt; Full_Name: Shawn McKinney<br>=0A&gt; Version: All<br>=0A&g=
t; OS: All<br>=0A&gt; URL: ftp://<a href=3D"http://ftp.openldap.org/incomin=
g">ftp.openldap.org/incoming</a>/<br>=0A&gt; Submission from: (NULL) (99.34=
.198.251)<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Hello,<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; =
We have created a new Identity and Access Management SDK, called Fortress, =
that<br>=0A&gt; uses Java and OpenLDAP to provide authentication, RBAC, ARB=
AC, password<br>=0A&gt; policies, auditing and more.<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt;=
 It has taken us 2.5 years of steady work to get it ready for this 1.0 rele=
ase. <br>=0A&gt; This SDK has approximately 50K lines of Java code of which=
 approximately 25K are<br>=0A&gt; dedicated to testing using JUnit automate=
d tests to ensure it works correctly. <br>=0A&gt; There are in excess of 10=
0 public APIs available for use.  There is also a Java<br>=0A&gt; EE contai=
ner plug-in that provides authentication and authorization services to<br>=
=0A&gt; Websphere, Tomcat and JBoss app servers in a declarative fashion.  =
<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; This product has not been published and we would li=
ke to release it as one of<br>=0A&gt; the products under OpenLDAP family of=
 products.  The product will be released<br>=0A&gt; under New BSD open sour=
ce license (license information is contained in the<br>=0A&gt; source archi=
ves on ftp server).<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; I have uploaded seven packages t=
o our FTP server that contain the source,<br>=0A&gt; documentation and othe=
r items for you to look at.<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; host: <a href=3D"http://=
jtstools.com">jtstools.com</a><br>=0A&gt; user: jtsguest1<br>=0A&gt; pw: Op=
enLd@p1<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; The packages are as follows:<br>=0A&gt; <br>=
=0A&gt; Fortress Core SDK<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt;   1. source - fortressSrc-=
1.0.0-rc1.zip - 352K bytes<br>=0A&gt;   2. source - fortressTestSrc-1.0.0-r=
c1.zip - 159K bytes<br>=0A&gt;   3. tutorial/doc - fortressSamples-1.0.0-rc=
1.zip - 766K bytes<br>=0A&gt;   4. javadoc - fortressDoc-1.0.0-rc1.zip - 1.=
4M bytes<br>=0A&gt;   5. ldap (folder) - Fortress schema and OpenLDAP slapd=
.conf<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Fortress Realm (Java EE Container =
plug-ins)<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt;   6. source - fortressRealmSrc-1.0.0-rc1.z=
ip - 45K bytes<br>=0A&gt;   7. javadoc - fortressRealmDoc-1.0.0-rc1.zip - 7=
6K bytes<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Package 4 contains complete jav=
adoc for the APIs. <br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; In package 4, this link, ./fortr=
essDoc-1.0.0-rc1/index.html, contains the<br>=0A&gt; overall summary of the=
 SDK.<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; this link, ./oamCore/trunk/dist/docs/api/index=
.html, contains package<br>=0A&gt; descriptions along with detailed documen=
tation describing the contents of the<br>=0A&gt; SDK.<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt=
; What we are requesting from the OpenLDAP foundation:<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&g=
t; 1. Source code repository to host the SDK and Realm packages.<br>=0A&gt;=
 2. Bug tracking.<br>=0A&gt; 3. Developer and User forums.<br>=0A&gt; 4. Wi=
ki (this is a nice to have)<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Our goal is to run the o=
pen source project with your organization and cultivate<br>=0A&gt; a health=
y developer and user community.  We have high hopes for this product<br>=0A=
&gt; (and OpenLDAP) and consider the 2 products together as an open source<=
br>=0A&gt; alternative for IAM products that will compete with the commerci=
al vendor<br>=0A&gt; offerings.  <br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Once 1.0 is releas=
ed, we will begin working on 2.0 which will include UI's to<br>=0A&gt; cont=
rol Fortress and OpenLDAP along with a policy server to wrap the Fortress<b=
r>=0A&gt; Java APIs with HTTP/REST Web APIs to make it available to all pla=
tforms.<br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Thanks in advance for your consideration.<br=
>=0A&gt; <br>=0A&gt; Shawn McKinney<br>=0A&gt; JoshuaTree Software<br>=0A&g=
t; <a href=3D"http://shawn.mckinney@jtstools.com";>shawn.mckinney@jtstools.c=
om</a><br>=0A&gt; <br>=0A<br>=0A=0A</div>=0A</blockquote></span></body></ht=