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(ITS#7011) signal 6 got in ldap_abandon

Full_Name: Olivier GERMAIN
Version: 2.4.24
OS: Solaris 5.10
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Dear All,

One of our customer got a signal 6 during the execution of the ldap_abandon.
This signal occurred whereas some maintenance was doing on a firewall which is
not located on the same network. It seems that the ldap_abandon thrown this
assert because it was a situation like a can't happen. I don't have much
information on the action performed on the firewall which led to this sigabort.

Please find the logs I have :
2011-07-19 04:08:52.876909|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
2011-07-19 04:08:52.877541|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
2011-07-19 04:08:52.878082|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
2011-07-19 04:08:52.878658|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
/lib/sparcv9/libc.so.1:_lwp_kill+0x8 [ Signal 6 (SIGABRT) ]
2011-07-19 04:08:52.879196|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
2011-07-19 04:08:52.879733|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
2011-07-19 04:08:52.880325|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|
2011-07-19 04:08:52.880776|ENG|FATAL|84|engine.cpp(109)|

I am in the process of a reproduction of this signal 6 but I would like to share
the following idea.

Do you think there is a possibility to enhance the openldap library to avoid
this assert? Is it possible that instead of having an assert, we have a
exception or a status code which tell us something went wrong of obviously that
we can handle in our source code. 

My best regards
TIBCO Support team