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Re: (ITS#6999) retry: counter not reaching zero, continuing on

ml+openldap@esmtp.org wrote:
> --UugvWAfsgieZRqgk
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> On Thu, Jul 28, 2011, Howard Chu wrote:
>> I think we need to see more of the log than this. The only reason
>> for your observed behavior to occur is that somewhere along the
>> line, a step in the replication actually returned LDAP_SUCCESS,
>> which resets the retry counter. So we need to see the complete log
>> for at least one full cycle of "(4 retries left)", "(3 retries
>> left)", "(4 retries left)".
> I've attached the full log of the test (from start to stop); it's
> rather small in .gz format. I hope that will go through, otherwise
> I can extract the requested full cycle and send that inline.

The ITS mailer only supports plaintext, no attachments.

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