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Re: (ITS#6968) Glue objectclass created during Grouper provisioning

Mark.Cairney@ed.ac.uk wrote:
> Full_Name: Mark Cairney
> Version: 2.4.25
> OS: RHEL 5.5 x64
> URL: ftp://ftp.ed.ac.uk/incoming/Mark-Cairney-110610.zip
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> During provisioning using Grouper (http://www.internet2.edu/grouper) to populate
> a tree of ou and posixGroup objects it looks like the request to create a child
> OU is being issued and granted.
> This results in the creation of a "ghost" parent OU with the glue objectClass as
> documented but syncrepl then constantly tries and fails to provision the ghost
> OU to the other servers (as shown in alderlog.txt).

Your ftp server is demanding authentication, can't download your file.

> My cn=config is listed in cnconfig.txt for reference
> The issue can be reproduced by running Grouper's LDAP provisioner with Grouper
> configured to produce a "bushy" structure and it may also be reproduceable if
> provisioning via a suitable large LDIF file (grouper.ldif).

Sorry, I'm not going to install grouper to test this bug. Please provide 
scripts to generate data that will reproduce the bug, and please do not use 
any 3rd party schemas in the data, that just makes it harder to setup a test 

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