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Re: (ITS#6887) authz-regexp: backslash escaping/normalization

Daniel Pluta wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> daniel at pluta.biz wrote:
>>> Please also have a look into the might be related patch, submitted in
>>> ITS#6912 which addresses normalization of auth(c|z)Id of the form
>>> "u:xxx" in general. Thank you very much.
>> I see no bug here. The backslash was properly escaped, using the normal
>> escaping rules for LDAP DNs.
> Yeah, you are right, but ... ;-)
> ... I'm perhaps too. So please let me try to explain:
> The backslash is syntactically correct escaped (under the assumtion that
> the string is indeed a "LDAP DN").
> In my opinion authz-regexp (a slapd-config-statement string) completely
> or partly does not always represent a "LDAP DN". It's quite often more
> or less a combination of
>           LDAP URI + optional regex + its optional expansions
> which probably should not be treated in general (especially in regard to
> normalization) like a LDAP DN.
> This has led me to the submitted patch in ITS#6912 where I assume that
> in contrast to authDN-normalization, the normalization of authIDs
> (u:xxxx) in general is probably quite problematic, too...
> I'm aware that LDAP DNs need to be normalized in general, but I do not
> understand why authcIDs or authz-regexp-expansions should need to be
> normalized in general, too.
The authz-regexp expansion does not "need" to be normalized. But it is fed a 
DN, and that DN is normalized before any further processing, so if you want to 
match it, you must use the proper normalized string in your regexp: use "\\5C" 
instead of "\\".

Next time send your usage questions to the -technical mailing list. This ITS 
is closed.

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