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Re: (ITS#6923) ldapsearch issue

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> charles.merrick@nice.com wrote:
>> I am trying to execute a ldapsearch command with a -w option for password.  The
>> problem occurs when I have an extended ASCII char in the password like the
>> British Pound symbol "£" (ascii number 163) embedded in the password string.
>> Are extended ASCII chars allowed in password string?

LDAP passwords are Octet Strings. It doesn't matter if your octets correspond 
to ASCII or any other character set, as long as the tools you use all send the 
exact same sequence of octets.

> I guess this depends on the locale's charset configured for your console.

His console at Bind time is only part of the question. The other question is 
what locale was in effect when the password was originally set, and what tool 
was used to set it. Some tools may assume you're in an 8-bit ASCII environment 
and do no conversion of the input characters. Some may assume you're in a 
UTF-8 or ISO-8859 locale and transform the characters to some other octet 

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