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Re: (ITS#6922) connection_read(20): no connection!

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> The debug output shows that a read attempt was queued up for a socket that was 
> closed. This is a normal occurrence when an LDAP client closes its connection 
> immediately after sending its last request (Unbind here) and slapd doesn't 
> have enough CPU resources to process the read attempt immediately.

Just because of not enough CPU? Are you sure?

This is a local test server on a 99% idle dual-core notebook which did not do
anything else than processing a single search and after the client received
all the results (72 entries, few short text attributes) the client sends the
unbind. Nothing else is happening. And I can reproduce it everytime.

> If you're reporting a hang with OpenLDAP, you should have said that 
> explicitly. If not, then I see no bug here and this ITS will be closed.

I'm so cautious about this because I had a situation where a slapd process (a
provider) died several times. And the last message seen in the syslog was
exactly "connection_read(20): no connection!".

Ciao, Michael.