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Re: (ITS#6815) Feature Request: Accesslog filter

Trying a more complex configuration I found my first problem.
This is my configuration:

logbase session dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it
logbase all ou=groups,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it
logbase all ou=people,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it

Using my rootdn (cn=manager,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it) and submitting an
authenticated ldapsearch under base "ou=groups,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it",
I obtain this accesslog

# 20110420141404.000000Z, log03, mydc.it
dn: reqStart=20110420141404.000000Z,cn=log03,dc=mydc.it
objectClass: auditBind
reqStart: 20110420141404.000000Z
reqEnd: 20110420141404.000001Z
reqType: bind
reqSession: 1000
reqDN: cn=manager,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it
reqResult: 0
reqVersion: 3
reqMethod: SIMPLE

# 20110420141404.000002Z, log03, mydc.it
dn: reqStart=20110420141404.000002Z,cn=log03,dc=mydc.it
objectClass: auditSearch
reqStart: 20110420141404.000002Z
reqEnd: 20110420141404.000003Z
reqType: search
reqSession: 1000
reqAuthzID: cn=manager,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it
reqDN: ou=groups,dc=mycorp,dc=mydc.it
reqResult: 0
reqScope: sub
reqDerefAliases: never
reqAttrsOnly: FALSE
reqFilter: (cn=minnie)
reqAttr: dn
reqEntries: 0
reqTimeLimit: -1
reqSizeLimit: -1

As you can see, there isn't the unbind operation log...
It's an error of mine?