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Re: (ITS#6900) dnattr acl statement: users can produce dangling entries

Hi, it's me again,

with another small but also very important bugfix for the previous two 
versions of my patch. This patch does not change the correct (as 
documented by the project) behaviour of "dnattr=... selfwrite". It can 
be found here:


FYI and the log: Next to some simple always reproducible 
test-shellscripts (ldapmodify add/delete distinct values) I have been 
also using Apache Directory Studio to test and workout the intended 
behavior of my ACLs, which is the root cause for these two updates: I've 
not been aware of the difference between "to value" and "to all values", 
yet and all my testcases (ldif changetype modify) only have been using 
"to value" operations.

I've used following ACL to test this second patch of my original patch:

access to dn.base="ou=groups,dc=foo,dc=bar" attrs=children
         by users read
         by * none

access to dn.onelevel="ou=groups,dc=foo,dc=bar" attrs=entry,cn,description
         by users read
         by * none break

access to dn.onelevel="ou=groups,dc=foo,dc=bar" attrs=entry,member
         by dnattr=member selfwrite
         by * none

Based on these ACL each user that is a member of a group entry seems to 
be just the only member of these group (from the user's point of view, 
in case the user accesses the group's member attribute by read). When 
using Apache Directoy Studio to delete this only/single/last group 
member ("right click --> delete value") this results in a "to all value" 
operation, instead of a "to value memberDN" operation.

=> acl_mask: access to entry "cn=test,groups,dc=foo,dc=bar", attr 
"member" requested
=> acl_mask: to all values by "cn=user,ou=users,dc=foo,dc=bar", (=0)

It seems to me that this appears to be a bug in ADS, where the client 
(ADS) tries to be more inteligent/comfortable/strict than needed. OTOH 
based on this strange behaviour I've learned something "new" (and quite 
important to me in regard to acl design and testcases during testing). 
Sorry for these kind of SPAM and the circumstances. Hopefully that's the 
last bugfix for that patch.