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(ITS#6905) fix up intros to chapters 5 and 6

Full_Name: Tim Mooney
Version: 2.4.25
OS: Linux, Solaris
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/TimMooney-110412-02.patch
Submission from: (NULL) (2001:4930:106:0:18bb:1140:fa3d:f713)

As I mentioned here


the LDAP admin guide is very good, but I think that the intros to chapters 5
(configuring slapd via slapd-config) and chapter 6 (configuring slapd via
slapd.conf) needed a bit of updating.  Specifically

 - it's not very explicit that slapd-config is now preferred and slapd.conf
   only be used as a last resort.
 - the Note that some backends don't support slapd-config was vague enough that
   would prevent many people from choosing that route, because they wouldn't
   whether a backend they needed would support the new-style config system.  By
   specifically listing which backends don't support slapd-config, hopefully
   more people will be willing to begin with (or convert to) slapd-config.

I also tried to

 - make it clear that chapters 5 and 6 were essentially explaining the same
   but the slapd-config way is preferred.
 - Although slapd-config stores its configuration in text files, they shouldn't
   edited manually.

The patch against head has been uploaded.  Any and all comments and feedback