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Re: (ITS#6868) When used in conjunction with the translucent overlay, the rwm overlay filters out auxiliary objectclasses

Note, this bug is not related to auxiliary classes.  The same thing
happens if you add a superclass like 'top' instead of extensibleObject.

ali.pouya@free.fr writes:
> Can someone help me about this problem ?
> We use Samba in our project and it needs some auxiliary classes which
> disappear in this configuration.
> The design of my project depends on the correction of this bug.

OpenLDAP is volunteer-driven, currently busy with migration from CVS
to Git, and we'll get to the bug when we get to it.

If you can't wait to see if that'll be soon, the openldap-technical
mailinglist has a wider readership than the bug database.  Maybe your
problem can be solved differently if you describe what you want in
more detail, and someone there can think of how:

Or you can pay someone to fix the bug:

I can think of a things to try myself.  Maybe you can rearrange your
setup to put rwm on another database, or maybe it's a recent bug and
it works with an earlier OpenLDAP version.