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Re: (ITS#6870) Undefined reference to ber_* with 2.4.24

richm@stanfordalumni.org wrote:
> On 03/22/2011 08:31 AM, rhafer@suse.de wrote:
>> Am Dienstag 22 M=E4rz 2011, 11:39:33 schrieb hyc@symas.com:
>>> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>>>> Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
>>>>> I changed the state back to "Open" as the problem is not really
>>>>> solved yet. I wonder if we should revert the original fix to
>>>>> liblutil/Makefile.in for now to have at least a working built back
>>>>> on non-Windows Platforms.
>>>> =20
>>>> Revert is fine to get HEAD building cleanly for now. Seems like the
>>>> best solution longterm is to move libldif into its own directory
>>>> since the rest of liblutil doesn't depend on it.
>>> =20
>>> And as yet another option, why not build it alongside libldap...
>> Shouldn't we just integrate it with libldap? AFAICS libldif uses stuff=20
>> from libldap (ldap_pvt_hex_unescape) anyways and libldap (ldifutil.c)=20
>> needs libldif.

Yeah, that makes the most sense. I've just moved it over for now, the code is 
untouched so the names are still ldif_* (as opposed to ldap_ldif_*). I don't 
see any good reason to change the names.

>> I am bit confused about how this was supposed to work orginally (libldif=20
>> as a standalone library).
> I don't know if openldap ever had a truly standalone libldif.  It's fine
> with me if the ldif functionality is provided by libldap.

Sounds good.

HEAD now builds cleanly.
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