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Re: (ITS#6874) slapd crashes while modifying a database

Am Samstag 19 M=E4rz 2011, 14:37:46 schrieb dieter@dkluenter.de:
> While modifying a database, either subordinate or not, slapd crashes.
> Debugging and configuration information can be found here:
> http://pastebin.de/16349 (debugging)
> http://pastebin.de/16350 (slapd.conf)

I wonder if such a configuration is even supposed to work. The accesslog=20
overlay on the master is configured for the glued database=20
(dc=3Ddkluenter,dc=3Dde). On the slave however you have individual syncrepl=
configuration for each subordinate database. Wouldn't it be correct to=20
have separate accesslog databases for the subordinates?

Additionally I think that at least the "overlay syncprov" for the=20
subordinate databases on the master is wrong (as syncprov is already=20
configured for the glued database). Not sure if it is harmful though.

A more selfcontained and stripped down example configuration with actual=20
data and information on which operation exactly fails could also help=20
debugging this (assuming that your config turns out to be valid).