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(ITS#6866) Math Error in Discussion of Delta-Syncrepl

Full_Name: Jong K. Limb
Version: 2.4.23
OS: Linux
Submission from: (NULL) (

In the Replication chapter, section 18.2.1 discusses the drawbacks to LDAP Sync
replication.  It gives the following paragraph:

For example, suppose you have a database consisting of 100,000 objects of 1 KB
each. Further, suppose you routinely run a batch job to change the value of a
single two-byte attribute value that appears in each of the 100,000 objects on
the master. Not counting LDAP and TCP/IP protocol overhead, each time you run
this job each consumer will transfer and process 1 GB of data to process 200KB
of changes!

The math is incorrect.  If 100,000 objects are of 1000 bytes each, that results
in 100,000,000 bytes which is 100MB, not 1GB.  This gives a false impression of
the drawbacks of LDAP Sync replication.