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Re: (ITS#6837) slapd doesn't start anymore after adding olcChainDatabase

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> The cleanest solution would probably be to make olcChainDatabase
>> structural,
>> copying all of the attributes of olcLDAPConfig into it, and dropping
>> olcLDAPConfig itself from this situation. Too bad changing that now would
>> break existing deployments.
>> From a protocol point of view, olcChainDatabase could be derived from
> olcLDAPConfig; at this point the two could coexist in existing
> deployments.  back-config could take care of objectClass inheritance while
> selecting configuration tables.

back-config already uses inheritance to order the objectClasses. But I think 
it may be happening too late to address this. Still looking, probably a simple 
fix in that case.

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