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Re: (ITS#6838) TLS client will not accept certificate for 'localhost'

Am Freitag 18 Februar 2011, 13:17:17 schrieb 
> On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 12:30:25AM +0000, hyc@symas.com wrote:
> > Used to work - since when, what release, what else has changed since
> > then?
> Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly when this changed. In any
> case, the change only affects a different bug which was masking the
> problem that I now see.
> I do know that 2.3.32 as shipped with SLES 10.3 masks the problem by
> not checking the server certificate properly. So does 2.4.12 as
> shipped with OpenSuSE 11.1. Both will allow ldapsearch -ZZ to connect
> to *any* TLS-capable server if they do *not* have access to the CA
> certificate.
> 2.4.24 built on OpenSuSE 11.3 (i.e. using OpenSSL 1.0) correctly
> refuses to connect if there is no CA cert.
Yes, older openSUSE releases used a bad (i.e. less secure) default for 
the TLS_REQCERT setting. That's why you never ran into the problem before 

> All versions that I have tested (certainly back to 2.3.32) incorrectly
> fail to connect when the URL is ldap://localhost:1389/ and a CA cert
> is provided.
Yes, AFAIK libldap's behavior of trying to figure out the machines real 
hostname when connecting to localhost and using that hostname to verify 
the server's certificate is there since quite some time already. It will 
only verify against "localhost" when it completely fails to get the 
machines' real name. I always considered that a feature more than a bug.

> > I'll note that I just tested some localhost certs a few days ago and 
they were 
> > fine, and the cert verification code hasn't changed in quite a long 
> > 
> > (E.g., ITS#6711 the test setup there uses localhost with no problem.)
But if I see it correctly it sets "TLSVerifyClient allow" on the master 
and "tls_reqcert=never" on the consumer. So it doesn't really verify the 
certificates. (I might have overlooked something, took only a brief 
glance at it).