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Re: (ITS#6829) Auditlog Mod Patch

> Full_Name: Kyle Smith
> Version: 2.4.24
> OS: Ubuntu 10.04
> URL:
> http://faculty.ycp.edu/~ksmith8/patches/servers-slapd-overlays-auditlog.c.patch
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> This is an enhancement of the auditlog overlay.  By using a new directive,
> auditlog_single_line, the auditlog is outputted on a single line, instead
> of the
> normal ldif style. I needed to make this change so that our log indexer
> doesn't
> have to parse lots of ldif data, instead it will just index the fields as
> written. This will also give the benefit of reduced filesize of the audit
> logs,
> as it shortens the record by a fair number of characters.
> How To configure:
> Add "auditlog_single_line" to the "overlay auditlog" configuration in
> slapd.conf.

I think this contribution is not acceptable, since by violating the LDIF
specs it makes the string unparsable.  Remember that newline has a special
meaning in LDIF, it separates tokens.  If you need auditlogs to be
single-line for some purpose, you should design a format that makes it
parseable, to be generally useful.  In any case, I believe OpenLDAP
software's task is to make (useful) information available in a general
format, and this is already accomplished by slapo-audotlog.  If you need
it in another format, you can easily post-process it later, without
modifying the baseline code.