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Re: (ITS#6217) proxycache not returning cached data

ryans@aweber.com wrote:
> I am experiencing what appears to be the same issue, and opened a ticket -
> http://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi?findid=6831 - because this one did not pop up when I searched for existing ITS's
> (perhaps my search terms did not match or I just overlooked it).  As I mentioned in the ticket I opened, this is not a
> schema issue - all the schema match on every server, and if that were the problem, none of the users would be served
> properly.  What I found is that the keys that proxycache was looking for did not exist in the bdb it was searching.  Why
> exactly that is, I'm not sure.  Hopefully the information I provided in that ITS (or, perhaps some additional debugging
> information - gdb output or copies of databases exhibiting the problem) will help shed some light.  If it is indeed the
> same issue, I'm all for coalescing the two.  I have tested this all the way up through 2.4.23, and there are no commits
> to pcache.c or back-ldap/search.c since 2.4.23 was released that addresses this problem.

Since you are not having the objectclass-related problem described in this 
ticket it is not the same issue.

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