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Re: (ITS#6652) accesslog anomaly in db drop/re-import

marco.pizzoli@gmail.com writes:
> I downloaded the HEAD repository, compiled and tried the import. Same
> problem on the same line.
> (...)
> Had I downloaded the wrong repository?

Probably not, but you can check CVS/Root - it should contain

However, try again now.  The public CVS repository it is regularly
synced with the main repository, but you may have updated from it
before the patch reached it.

> I went to see the version of the source accesslog.c and saw this line on top
> of it:
> /* accesslog.c - log operations for audit/history purposes */
> /* $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/accesslog.c,v *
> 2011/01/26* 23:23:34 quanah Exp $ */

That from the release branch, which has not merged this patch.

HEAD is the main branch used for development, currently with accesslog