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Re: (ITS#6684) Patch for autogroup overlay

Am 29.01.2011 21:10, schrieb hyc@symas.com:
> moenoel@informatik.uni-bremen.de wrote:
>>>     1) it should simply be comparing the AttributeDescription pointers
>>>     2) since the "memberof" attribute is actually configurable in the memberof
>>> overlay, there's no guarantee that this is the correct attribute to be looking
>>> for. It should also be configurable in your patch.
>>> You're using strcasecmp, but your inputs are already normalized values. You
>>> should just use ber_bvcmp.
>> Since I am also interested in this, I took some time to make a new
>> patch. I took Norberts original patch, applied it to a current checkout
>> from HEAD and tried to fix the issues mentioned by Howard. My initial
>> tests are looking good.
>> My C skills are rather mediocre, though, so I hope I didn't slaughter
>> the thing :-)
>> http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~moenoel/ldap/christian-manal-autogroup-27012011.tgz
> This patch looks pretty good. There are only one or two minor issues with it, 
> which I will clean up. (E.g., config actions require no mutexes; slapd is 
> always single-threaded when processing config changes.)

Great, thanks!