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Re: (ITS#6798) Mutex starvation on two-level referral for SASL connection

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> timo.aaltonen@aalto.fi wrote:
>>    	Hi
>>      Here's some information that Stephen asked would be of use. There is
>> one forest, one domain, but three sites in the layout. The functional
>> level of the forest and the domain is W2008, but the servers have 2008R2.
>> And the full backtrace of the hung process:
> Thanks, but this trace is from 2.4.21, which is obsolete. Please use the
> current release (2.4.23) since the relevant code has changed. There is no
> point in us spending time tracking down issues in non-existent code.

And, one more time: please use a debug build, like I asked in my first reply.

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