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Re: (ITS#6684)

Norbert Püschel wrote:
> Am 30.12.10 18:28, schrieb Howard Chu:
>> norbert@pueschel.net wrote:
>>> Updated TAR-file with (hopefully) sufficient copyright notice...
>>> http://www.pueschel.net/openldap/norbert-pueschel-autogroup-27102010.tar
>> Your code does a string compare againset "memberOf" to detect those
>> filter references.
>>    1) it should simply be comparing the AttributeDescription pointers
>>    2) since the "memberof" attribute is actually configurable in the
>> memberof overlay, there's no guarantee that this is the correct
>> attribute to be looking for. It should also be configurable in your
>> patch.
> You are right, of course. The problem is, I do not understand enough of
> internal structures to find the correct pointer... I would need to
> detect the memberof-overlay and find the correct string or pointer to
> compare to. I will gladly do so if you can give me some hints where to look.

AttributeDescriptions are a fundamental data structure used throughout the 
code. It would be impossible to have read any of the existing overlay code 
without encountering countless examples of their use.

There is no need to detect the memberof overlay. All you need to do is provide 
a configuration option to specify the attribute you are going to treat as a 
memberof attribute.

>> You're using strcasecmp, but your inputs are already normalized
>> values. You should just use ber_bvcmp.
> Right, see above.
>> Replying to the original:
>>> 1) Using non-DN-valued URIs for autogroup does not work correctly, even
>>> with the latest version from HEAD. Especially changing group member is
>>> not tracked.
>> I don't see why this should ever work or be supported. LDAP groups
>> list DNs.
> Wrong. If you really think so, why did you accept Raphael Ouazana's
> patch, which is all about making this case work?
> Also see below.

>>> 2) Using the memberOf-overlay for constructing autogroups does not work
>> I don't see any reason why this should work. The memberof overlay is
>> not used to construct groups, it is only used to report on group
>> memberships that have already been defined.
> Well, consider the following construction (which I am using in our ldap
> directory and which is the reason I started work on the autogroup overlay):


> dn: cn=admins,ou=access,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
> objectClass: groupOfNames
> cn: admins
> member: uid=xxxxx,ou=people,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
> member: uid=yyyyyy,ou=people,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
> dn: cn=admins@networker-gmbh.de,ou=aliases,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
> objectClass: nisMailAlias
> objectClass: labeledURIObject
> cn: admins@networker-gmbh.de
> labeledURI:
> ldap:///ou=people,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de?mail?one?(&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(memberOf=cn=admins,ou=access,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de))
> dn: cn=admins,ou=groups,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
> objectClass: posixGroup
> objectClass: labeledURIObject
> cn: admins
> gidNumber: 10100
> labeledURI:
> ldap:///ou=people,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de?uid?one?(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(memberOf=cn=admins,ou=access,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de))
> Additionally, consider this relevant excerpt from slapd.conf:
> overlay dynlist
> dynlist-attrset groupOfNames labeledURI member
> dynlist-attrset nisMailAlias labeledURI rfc822MailMember:mail
> overlay autogroup
> autogroup-attrset posixGroup labeledURI memberUid
> As you can see, I use memberOf the construct mail aliases and posix
> group memberships from a groupOfNames master-list. For the mail aliases,
> dyngroup is sufficient, but the posix groups also need reverse lookups,
> which is why I'm using the autogroup overlay for this. Also, I cannot
> use a dn-valued list for the posix groups, as the Solaris NSS-libraries
> require the uid attribute to not contain a full dn.

Short answer - use an NSS client that actually supports RFC2307bis, like every 
other vendor in the world already does.

In the meantime, if you submit a cleaned up patch that makes better use of the 
slapd APIs, we can review it again.

   -- Howard Chu
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