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Re: (ITS#6684)

Am 30.12.10 18:28, schrieb Howard Chu:
> norbert@pueschel.net wrote:
>> Updated TAR-file with (hopefully) sufficient copyright notice...
>> http://www.pueschel.net/openldap/norbert-pueschel-autogroup-27102010.tar
> Your code does a string compare againset "memberOf" to detect those
> filter references.
>   1) it should simply be comparing the AttributeDescription pointers
>   2) since the "memberof" attribute is actually configurable in the
> memberof overlay, there's no guarantee that this is the correct
> attribute to be looking for. It should also be configurable in your
> patch.
You are right, of course. The problem is, I do not understand enough of
internal structures to find the correct pointer... I would need to
detect the memberof-overlay and find the correct string or pointer to
compare to. I will gladly do so if you can give me some hints where to look.

> You're using strcasecmp, but your inputs are already normalized
> values. You should just use ber_bvcmp.
Right, see above.

> Replying to the original:
>> 1) Using non-DN-valued URIs for autogroup does not work correctly, even
>> with the latest version from HEAD. Especially changing group member is
>> not tracked.
> I don't see why this should ever work or be supported. LDAP groups
> list DNs.

Wrong. If you really think so, why did you accept Raphael Ouazana's
patch, which is all about making this case work?
Also see below.

>> 2) Using the memberOf-overlay for constructing autogroups does not work
> I don't see any reason why this should work. The memberof overlay is
> not used to construct groups, it is only used to report on group
> memberships that have already been defined.
Well, consider the following construction (which I am using in our ldap
directory and which is the reason I started work on the autogroup overlay):

dn: cn=admins,ou=access,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
objectClass: groupOfNames
cn: admins
member: uid=xxxxx,ou=people,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
member: uid=yyyyyy,ou=people,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de

dn: cn=admins@networker-gmbh.de,ou=aliases,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
objectClass: nisMailAlias
objectClass: labeledURIObject
cn: admins@networker-gmbh.de

dn: cn=admins,ou=groups,dc=networker-gmbh,dc=de
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: labeledURIObject
cn: admins
gidNumber: 10100

Additionally, consider this relevant excerpt from slapd.conf:

overlay dynlist
dynlist-attrset groupOfNames labeledURI member
dynlist-attrset nisMailAlias labeledURI rfc822MailMember:mail

overlay autogroup
autogroup-attrset posixGroup labeledURI memberUid

As you can see, I use memberOf the construct mail aliases and posix
group memberships from a groupOfNames master-list. For the mail aliases,
dyngroup is sufficient, but the posix groups also need reverse lookups,
which is why I'm using the autogroup overlay for this. Also, I cannot
use a dn-valued list for the posix groups, as the Solaris NSS-libraries
require the uid attribute to not contain a full dn.