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Re: (ITS#6474) test004 (hdb) crashes when slapd is compiled with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2


Am Dienstag 14 Dezember 2010, 12:15:04 schrieb De Bonis Hamelin, Marie 
Antoinette (Marian - CMS):
> Hi,
> Could you please confirm/share us, modifications like moving from
> strcpy() to memcpy() were done also for the bdb back-end? If yes,
> could you also give us in which release fixes were committed?

As mentioned in a previous comment in this ITS the fix is in 
r1.169 of back-bdb/dn2id.c. Back-bdb didn't need a separate fix as this 
issue was back-hdb specific. Otherwise it would most probably not need an 
extra fix as well as back-bdb and back-hdb share most of their code.