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Re: RE : (ITS#6720) back-ldap core dump

olivier.chirossel@sfr.com wrote:

> Thanks for the report.  I've reproduced the bug; it appears to be inside=20
> slapo-rwm(5).  The core dump is related to a double free, which I'm=20
> trying to track.

Please test the latest commit of overlays/rwm.c (should apply fine to 
2.4.23) and report.  It fixes the double free.

With respect to your problem description, "lastmod off" means that the 
backend will not *generate* modification-related operational attributes; 
however they are proxied.  Moreover, you can't strip them off with 
mapping unless the remapping is part of a replication process (i.e. the 
backend contains syncrepl or "updatedn" is set and the operation is 
performed with that identity).