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RE : (ITS#6720) back-ldap core dump


Thank's for you reply,

you can get a tar file containing a simple case which reproduce the problem=
 here ( i don't put rewriting rules in proxy conf, just strip of  operation=
nal  attribut )

wget http://olivier:its6720@

the lance.sh inititialise the tests=20
(the slapd suppose to be in /usr/local/libexec)

and you reproduce it with the command :

ldapmodify -D "cn=3Dmanager,dc=3Dneuf,dc=3Dfr" -H "ldap://";  -=
w secret -f mod

i try to explain you my need=20

1) For the moment i have a master in 2.3.x with many replica in 2.3.x with =
slurpd replication

2) my goal is to migrate to a mirror mode master infrastructure with syncre=
pl replication

3) the first step is to install my mirror mode infrastructure and replicate=
 with slurpd from my old master.

4) second step re install replica one by one with syncrepl replication to m=
y new mirror mode infrastructure

5) third step write directly to my mirror mode infrastructure

For the first step i put a proxy ldap between my old master and my mirror m=
ode infrastructure to do rewrite rules and strip operationnal attribut (i n=
eed, at the end,  have a new clean infrastructure with entryCSN contains th=
e ServerId of my new master, for checks the replcation status between my ma=
ster and between my replica and my mirror mode architcture)
The ldapmodify command reproduce the replication operations which highlight=
  the problem..

PS:=A0before strip attribute with rwm-map directives i try to put "lastmod =
off" in proxy ldap configuration without success ...



De : openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org [openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org]
Date d'envoi : lundi 22 novembre 2010 17:43
=C0 : CHIROSSEL, Olivier
Objet : Re: (ITS#6720) back-ldap core dump


Thanks for your report to the OpenLDAP Issue Tracking System.  Your
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