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Re: (ITS#6720) back-ldap core dump

olivier.chirossel@sfr.com wrote:

> I have to migrate from a openldap 2.3.x to openldap 2.4. During this migration
> phase i want my openldap 2.3.x master replicate with slurpd to my new openldap
> 2.4.x master mirror mode architecture with some rewriting rules for split my big
> directory.
> I configure a proxy ldap using back-ldap with slapo-rwm overlay, but 
> operational attributes  related  to  entry  creation and modification are
> proxied, even when i put « lastmod off » in the conf, contrary  of the man of
> slapd-ldap ?
> So i put rw-map directives in the conf for strip operationnal attributes but
> this kind of operation generate a core dump ?

Your configuration contains a load of custom schema items; can you 
create a simple configuration, based on standard attributes, that 
reproduces the problem (I mean: the sigsegv), and describe which 
operation is causing it?  Is it a client operation or replication?  In 
your report you mention the intention to use "master mirror mode" (?), 
it's not clear what back-ldap has to do with it.