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Re: (ITS#6625) draft-zeilenga-ldap-c-api-concurrency support

Some issues with tests/progs/slapd-mtread.c:

- snprintf format "%04.4d" is not standard.  How about just "%04d"?

- However, shouldn't 'me' be 'myidx' in those snprintfs and when
  computing 'thisconn = (me + j) % noconns;' ?

- A thread ID can be a struct, in which case whoami() will fail.
  OpenLDAP (the TLS code) already fails in that case, but still, no
  need to add do that.  Could pass 'myidx' around, or create a
  thread-local variable for it with ldap_pvt_thread_key_create().

- It says "initially developed by Kurt Spanier", shouldn't that be
  Doug Leavitt?

- scripts/test060-mt-hot takes a long time and can generate 2G of logs.
  Maybe it should run with a lesser loglevel by default?  Put
   : ${SLAPD_DEBUG=0x4100} -- by default, avoid 1.-2 gigabytes of logs
  before sourcing defines.sh.