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Re: (ITS#6684) Patch for autogroup overlay

norbert@pueschel.net wrote:
> Full_Name: Norbert Pueschel
> Version: HEAD
> OS: Solaris
> URL: http://www.pueschel.net/openldap/norbert-pueschel-autogroup-25102010.tar
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> When starting to use the autogroup-overlay from the contrib directory, I
> stumbled over some issues:
> 1) Using non-DN-valued URIs for autogroup does not work correctly, even
> with the latest version from HEAD. Especially changing group member is
> not tracked.
> 2) Using the memberOf-overlay for constructing autogroups does not work
> 3) autogroup crashes slaptools (e.g. slaptest) when used together with
> the ppolicy-overlay.
> 4) The Makefile install the overlay into the wrong directory (lib,
> should be libexec)
> I have invested some time and found fixes for all these problems; see
> the URL for the patch I uploaded.
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