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Re: (ITS#6673) ldap_unbind() hangs on unreachable LDAP server when using TLS

Arthur de Jong wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-10-13 at 14:17 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
>> It seems you can workaround this by changing tls_g.c's invocation of
>> gnutls_bye() to use GNUTLS_SHUT_WR instead of GNUTLS_SHUT_RDWR. However, that
>> strikes me as fundamentally wrong, since libldap is clearly closing both
>> directions when it gets here. I think the bug is in gnutls_bye(), it shouldn't
>> be waiting indefinitely when it tries to read the peer's Close alert. I'm not
>> sure it should even be trying to read that at all; some peers may never send it.
> I can't comment on the GnuTLS API because I haven't used it before. Can
> you file a bugreport with GnuTLS? Do you need any more input from my
> end?

What is the GnuTLS version number? Seems like you should be submitting this to 
their tracker anyway, as the original reporter.


>> Note that because you're breaking the connection without warning, TCP doesn't
>> know that the connection is gone, so there will be no error detected when
>> gnutls attempts to send its own Close alert. In this case, it will probably
>> block for 2*MSL before getting any further.
> In my tests I haven't waited that long (I think). Do you know if there
> are any problems with using setsockopt(SO_RCVTIMEO) and
> setsockopt(SO_SNDTIMEO) on the socket?
I have no idea whether GnuTLS handles asynch I/O properly or not. If you're 
only setting these options immediately before closing, I don't see why it 
should cause any problems. But GnuTLS has enough flaws in general that I 
wouldn't claim it ever does anything right or as expected.

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