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Re: (ITS#6625) draft-zeilenga-ldap-c-api-concurrency support

  Part 3 of 3 of this patch
    Part #1 delivered as: ITS#6669 remove obsolete SunOS4 LWP support
    Part #2 delivered as: ITS#6672 mutex cleanup

Is now available for review.  The full details are located here:


This patch is part 3 of 3 of the original ITS #6625 effort.
(aka openldap draft-zeilenga-ldap-c-api-concurrency) (aka CONCURRENCY)
This patch contains the library modifications to implement CONCURRENCY
as discussed previously in ITS #6625, on the openldap-devel mail list.

This patch uses the new LDAP_MUTEX_[UN]LOCK macros, delivered by patch2.
Regression testing (post conversion) was performed using both 32-bit and 
64-bit x86
compiles on an OpenSolaris system.

Additionally regular ongoing Solaris system testing is being performed
using the libraries built with this patch on both Solaris SPARC and 
Solaris x86 systems.

As previously shown in Round 3 codereview, there seems to be no performance
degradation with this patch, and a slight performance improvement with 
the LDAP
server when using back-ldap and back-meta features of the server.

IPR Notice

This patch file is derived from OpenLDAP Software. All of the 
modifications to
OpenLDAP Software represented in the following patch(es) were developed by
Oracle Corporation. Oracle Corporation has not assigned rights and/or 
in this work to any party. I, Douglas Leavitt am authorized by Oracle 
my employer, to release this work under the following terms.

Thank you for your consideration,