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Re: (ITS#6659) logfile directive not logging any log

hayashis@indiana.edu wrote:
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> Hi. I will use the correct mailing list.
> The place that I found the *wrong* information for logfile directive
> (according to Google) was this doc
>> http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/ch6/#logfile
> Here, it states,
> OpenLDAP logs via syslogd (using LOCAL4) in all cases (see loglevel for
> configuration information on streaming syslogd LDAP messages to a separate
> file). In addition the logfile directive may be used to create a separate
> file containing just LDAP log information.
> Based on this information, I have *perceived* the behavior of slapd as a
> BUG.. my apologies.

Your opinion is valuable, just like that of anyone.  The code is 
perfectible.  However, to discuss opinions and improvements of code, a 
technical discussion forum is more appropriate that a bug tracking 
system.  I believe that slapd already has provisions to address your 
needs, and pointed you to what I think are the appropriate sources of 
information.  Changing the way software works (and has been working for 
decades) requires a real need and consensus.  Fixing bugs is a 
completely different business.