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Re: modifyTimestamp does not always update

Jani Salonen wrote:
> Seems that modifyTimestamp of groupOfUniqueNames does not always update
> as it should. We have one application that updates uniqueMembers of
> groupOfUniqueNames groups (we have about 30000 groups, from 5 to 1000
> members each). Another application syncs its sql database based on
> groupOfUniqueNames member's once an hour, and for speeding things up,
> that another application first looks from modifyTimeStamp if group has
> changed within last hour, and if so, it will be synced. But here is the
> problem: another application's database does not always sync because
> modifyTimestamp does not always update for some group.
> Unfortunately this happens quite rarely and I cannot provide exact
> instructions how to reproduce this, I was not able to find any pattern
> either. If anyone has any ideas/experiments what is wrong/how to fix
> this, they are most welcome.

Are you sure that your sync process does not leave a time gap when searching
for update entries? When implementing something like this I always search for
entries modified after the last second before the last update. My sync
processes usually generate deltas themselves anyway.

Ciao, Michael.