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Re: (ITS#6598) EXOP to return number of children of a (sub)tree

> masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>>> If you want to be able to distinguish results based on scope then it
>>> makes
>>> more sense to just define a Search control. Like No-op - count the
>>> entries
>>> that would be returned, instead of returning them. (And bypassing the
>>> sizelimit too, but probably not bypassing timelimit.)
>> I'm drafting the code to implement this no-op search.
> Maybe sizelimit should not be by-passed in all cases.
> How about letting the client choose which limits are by-passed?


your idea sounds interesting.  In the current implementation sizelimits
are technically bypassed during the internal search.  Since the operation
returns only a (possibly successful) searchResultDone, it seems
appropriate to return success when sizelimit would be violated, because
from the client's perspective no sizelimit could be exceeded since no
entry is being returned.  The fact that the actual search would be
exceeded is reflected in the additional response code in the control
response's value.

Could you be more precise about what you mean?  One or two use cases or a
not-so-formal specification would suffice.

Thanks, p.