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Re: (ITS#6565) DNSSRV referrals: chaining without search base


> Hi.  I don't have time to work at this right now, but I think the solution
> would be to modify slapo-chain(5) so that when a referral's DN is "" and
> the DN in the original request is not "", to use that DN instead.  The
> original request DN can be found in op->o_req_dn.

   we tested the following - with success:

Just replace in servers/slapd/back-ldap/chain.c, function 
ldap_chain_op(), line 485-486:

		op->o_req_dn = pdn;
		op->o_req_ndn = ndn;


        if (pdn.bv_len > 0) {
            op->o_req_dn = pdn;
        if (ndn.bv_len > 0) {
            op->o_req_ndn = ndn;

It would be great if this came into the official code.

Regards,  Jochen.