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(ITS#6608) ppolicy internal modifications break replication

Full_Name: Matthew Backes
Version: RE24
Submission from: (NULL) (

The current ppolicy draft standard does not address replication issues, and the
resulting implementation has trouble.

If frontend-chaining to the master and ppolicy_forward_updates is enabled,
invalid binds return success (ITS 6607).  If they are disabled, the local
changes increase the CSNs in the local copy beyond the contextCSN of the
provider, which results in broken replication. (ITS 6606)

Possible fixes include:

* disallowing shadow contexts the use of ppolicy (probably unpopular)
* requiring frontend-chaining once that works
* not updating operational attributes at all for ppolicy changes.  (allows
replicas to diverge on bind failure data but is probably safest)