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Re: (ITS#6600) pcache overlay should ignore invalid attributes in search requests

> Indeed, looking at it with your comments, definitely overkill. I meant
> to ask about this approach in the bug description but forgot, sorry.
> Here is a simpler patch which works the same for my tests:
> ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/jonathan-clarke-pcache-100727.patch

Hi.  Your patch still looks a bit problematic to me.  I'm not sure I
understood the issue, since it doesn't work for me without further
modifications to the code.

Suppose I'm searching with a filter that is related to the pcache attrset
"cn uid", and my search lists the attributes

    cn uid undefined

what you're trying to accomplish is that this search behaves as if one
only requested

    cn uid

right?  Well, in this case (at least in HEAD code, I didn't check in re24
yet) it does not work, because all the tests you add work fine, but later
the expected attrset will not be matched because the attribute name
"undefined" will still be looked for inside the attribute set.  You need
to add a check that does not look for attributes for which no an_desc was
found.  However, this case also matches wildcards '*', '+', '1.1'.

Tentatively, the "right" patch would be like this


Please test and report.