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Re: (ITS#6550) Patch for smbk5pwd slapd overlay to include shadowLastChange

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> I'd rather argue that for
> Samba 3 'sambaPwdLastSet' should be set.

Uumpf! This is already set. Sorry for the noise.

> 'shadowLastChange' is rather a POSIX account attribute which from my
> understanding is out-of-scope for slapo-smbk5pwd. Well, the scope could be
> extended...

But still it's the question whether we want to have this functionality for
various password-related attribute all in on overlay or whether there should
be distinct overlays for each account type (posixAccount/shadowAccount,
sambaSAMAccount, Kerberos user).

Personally I'd like to see this overlay moved from contrib/ into the standard
build. But for Kerberos-related attributes the build and schema dependencies
are an obstacle. => separate overlays at least for KDC/LDAP and Samba-Posix/LDAP.

Ciao, Michael.