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Re: (ITS#6247)

In regards to my X.501 comments, see "Matching Rule Requirements" =
section of X.501(93).  Note that only the 93 edition is normative here.

I note that you actually need to specify the syntaxes and matching rules =
in X.500 terms, and then simply specify a string representation for the =
syntaxes for use in LDAP.  See RFC 4521, Section 5.1 (for LDAP Syntaxes) =
and 5.2 (for Matching Rules) and Section 5 more generally for schema.

As far as your I-D goes, I currently deferring to Steve's initial review =
at this early stage in its development because I'm busy and I trust =
Steve to tease out any obvious ASN.1, X.500, and/or LDAP issues with =
your I-D and to "educate" you as might be necessary.  I'll join in =
later, possibly after you revise your I-D once or twice to address =
Steve's comments.

-- Kurt=