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(ITS#6517) undefined references to ldif_*

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Using these instructions, the issue remains with current CVS:

I have had it sometimes build from an old tree, but this from scratch
does not:

=3D=3DGetting OpenLDAP=3D=3D
This guide presumes you are running OpenLDAP CVS HEAD from after 22
April 2010 (or a release after that date)

You need the 'deref' and 'rdnval' overlay.  This may be in your packaged
version, but if not your must rebuild.

To get OpenLDAP from CVS run:

 export CVSROOT
 cvs login

You will need to enter at the prompt:
 Password: (enter OpenLDAP)

Then check out the tree
 cvs -z3 checkout -P openldap

Then change to the newly created 'openldap' directory:
 cd openldap

To update your OpenLDAP checkout (discarding local conflicts) from CVS

 cvs -z9 update -dP 2>&1 | grep ^C | cut -b3-| xargs rm
 cvs -z9 update -dP

To build it run:

 CFLAGS=3D"-fno-omit-frame-pointer" `dirname $0`/configure
--enable-overlays=3Dmod --enable-modules --enable-dynamic || exit 1
 make clean all AC_CFLAGS=3D-g

Andrew Bartlett                                http://samba.org/~abartlet/
Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org
Samba Developer, Cisco Inc.

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