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Re: ITS#6055

> My eventual goal is that folks using a Ubuntu or Fedora system would
> have Samba4 'just work' with the packaged OpenLDAP.  I can of course
> lobby them to get their packages updated to build from contrib, but it's
> easier if it's just in there.=20
> Similarly, when I ask folks to configure with 'OpenLDAP HEAD' in the
> short term, it is of course easier for me if everything is already in
> place.=20
> But this is your project, not mine, and I am happy with whatever we can
> make work.=20

Right now, along the lines illustrated by Howard, I've committed
everything to contrib/slapd-modules/samba4.  You may need to tweak the
Makefile if you are not building in the source tree (as I usually do; then
adjust LDAP_BUILD to your build tree), and if you wish to install modules
in some specific place (prefix, exec_prefix, ldap_subdir).

My medium term objective would be to have:

- generally useful modules built-in (e.g. slapo-deref)

- Samba4-specific modules all in one contrib directory, possibly
harmonized and consolidated when possible in a single module, to ease
configuration and maintenance

The latter could then have a specific configure, if needed, so that
packagers could make and install them as easily as possible.  In the
meanwhile, we should live with this interim solution.  Time permitting, I
see no issue in maintaining that code, much like we already do with the
other modules.