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Re: ITS#6055

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On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 03:44 +0200, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
> > On Tue, 2010-04-20 at 15:37 +0200, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
> >> > That's no problem at all.
> >>
> >> Good.  This version explicitly check for instantiation as global, and
> >> also
> >> does some further sanity checks prior to startup.
> >>
> >> <ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/pierangelo-masarati-2010-04-20-rdnval=
> >>
> >> > It now just fails in the same was as without
> >> > the patch.  I'll mention it on openldap-technical if I can't get
> >> > assistance on #ldap.
> >>
> >> Not quite clear what patch and what failure you refer to.  Anyway, I'v=
> >> tested this version of the overlay as global (refuses to start) and on=
> >> database, either empty or populated, and it works as intended.  Please
> >> test and report.  Thanks, p.
> >
> > It seems to be working well.  When can I expect it to be in the tree?
> >
> > (I'll then require folks to use the current OpenLDAP CVS if they want t=
> > use the LDAP backend).
> I can commit it in a minute.  It's not 100% clear to me what's the most
> appropriate location: slapd/overlays/ may not, as this looks like
> something definitely specific to Samba4; probably, contrib/slapd-modules/
> is more appropriate.  Perhaps, a contrib/slapd-modules/samba4/ would be
> the most appropriate, along with future specific (i.e. not of general
> usefulness) modules, as we did for the nssov module.
> Comments?  I mean, from others, not only from you :)

My only concern is that it be maintained, so that the OpenLDAP backend
can be a supported part of Samba4 into the long term.  (I know it's not
been in good shape for the past while, but there is hope we can get it
back on track).=20

Do contrib modules come with this level of maintenance?

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett                                http://samba.org/~abartlet/
Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org
Samba Developer, Cisco Inc.

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