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Re: (ITS#6458) syncrepl fails if attribute has no equalty maching rule

> I see the issue, and I've isolated it to the case where you're removing a
> value.  In that case, in attr_cmp(), nn == 0 and no < o; the original test
> for modifying an attribute without matching rule fails.  I've fixed it
> according to this patch, not sure whether it's appropriate for other cases
> <ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/pierangelo-masarati-2010-04-17-syncrepl-no-mr.1.patch>
> Please test and review.  Thanks, p.

Please disregard, this patch is breaking other things (basically,
producer's and consumer's entries are equivalent, but attrs are listed in
a different order; this conforms to the LDAP model but breaks the
original, preferable behavior).  Working at a better fix.