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Re: (ITS#6517) undefined references to ldif_*

> masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:

>> Actually it's not that; Michael routinely builds with --enable-dynamic,
>> and libldap now (dynamically) depends on liblutil for the LDIF part.
> I did not want to introduce any new dependencies nor break any existing
> code with the new LDIF library.  Ideally, you would only have to link
> with -lldif for external code that wants to use the LDIF API (such as
> ldif_get_entry or ldif_parse_line).  Any existing code, or code that
> just wants to use the new higher level api ldap_parse_ldif_record_x
> would only have to link with -lldap.
> Is --enable-dynamic the only additional build flag I need to use?

In fact, you did not introduce any further dependence, as ldif_* functions
(those provided in liblutil/ldif.c) are present in liblutil.  I fixed the
issue by reversing the link order of libraries.

It used to be liblutil, liblber, libldap (I think that was because earlier
there used to be dependencies of liblutil on the others, please correct
me). Now it's libldap, liblber, liblutil, and it builds fine with
--enable-dynamic=yes/no.  Please check whether my fix is appropriate.