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Re: (ITS#6507) backglue and paged results issue

> Just one weird case left. Considering the same setup as described above
> (back null with 2 back ldap glued underneath): a search with pagedResults
> and a page size of 3 (the exact number of results returned by each back
> ldap), we get:
> - a first page with the 3 results from back ldap 1
> - a second page with 3 results from back ldap 2 (so far, so good)
> - but then this last result also has a pagedResults cookie, and the search
> can go on and on, returning the same 2nd page.
> Presumably this is related to the patch allowing pagedResults to cross two
> databases. If the first returns an empty cookie (no more results), a new
> cookie is added. However, this should not be done if the last database
> returns no more results.

It's related to the fact that I need to parse the cookie when it's not
parsed yet, to see whether it's empty.  So I'm now parsing it also when
working with the last database, which needs to be treated specially (i.e.
it must let the empty cookie pss thru).  Fixed, will commit in a moment.

Thanks, p.