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Re: (ITS#6504) Corrupted control value when using pagedresults with subordinate *ldap* database

>> Well, I've just fixed it.  When changing database, I modified the paged
>> results control value by setting the page size to pagesize -
>> rs->sr_nentries, with an empty cookie.  I'll commit tomorrow, as now I
>> only have http access.
> Speedy patch - thank you! Just tried it out, and it works great for the
> issue I reported.
> Testing further shows a limitation in crossing databases though. A
> search that spans over two glued ldap databases, returns n < pagesize
> results from the first, and continues over to the second, returning
> pagesize-n results from it, making pagesize results all together. So
> far, so good.
> However, the subsequent search with the returned pagedresults cookie
> just starts a new search over, returning the same set of results. So it
> works fine for one page max.
> But it doesn't look simple to solve this issue, unless backglue starts
> recording pagedresults cookies, etc...
> Anyway, great improvement on not sending back free'd cookie :-)

I see the issue, and it seems to be not related to my patch.  Don't know
how to fix it (yet).  It'll probably need a separate ITS.