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Re: (ITS#6503) syncrepl provider sends entryUUIDs of all LDAP records to consumer when consumer slapd is started

bcolston@xtec.com wrote:
> Full_Name: Barry Colston
> Version: 2.4.21
> OS: Fedora 12
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> When a consumer slapd is started, if the provider slapd has had only Add
> operations performed while the consumer slapd was down, the provider slapd sends
> the consumer slapd the entryUUIDs of all records in the provider database.
> Note: this is not a list of all records that have been added/changed/deleted
> since the previous synchronization based on the consumer's contextCSN, it is a
> list of all records in the LDAP database (for some of our customers, this is
> 10,000,000 entryUUIDs that are returned to the consumer slapd.)

That is the normal behavior of syncrepl. Read the Admin Guide and/or RFC4533.

> The scenario to reproduce this problem is:
> 1. Start provider slapd
> 2. Start consumer slapd
> 3. Ensure that provider contextCSN matches consumer contextCSN
> 4. Shutdown consumer slapd
> 5. Add records to provider slapd (1 record is sufficient to create the problem)
> 6. Start consumer slapd with debug turned on (so the messages being sent can be
> viewed).  The consumer slapd receives 1 to N LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE SYNC_ID_SETs
> (message type = 121) containing the entryUUIDs of the records in the provider's
> database, followed by a LDAP_RES_SEARCH_ENTRY, LDAP_SYNC_ADD (message type =
> 100) message for each record added to the provider, then finally a
> LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE, REFRESH_PRESENT message (message type = 121) message
> containing the provider's sync cookie.
> I am running OpenLDAP 2.4.21 with Berkeley 4.6.21 (with all patches) on Fedora
> 12.  Running sync replication in RefreshAndPersist mode.
> Note: if at least 1 Modify or Delete operation is performed against the provider
> slapd while the consumer slapd is down, when the consumer slapd is started, the
> provider slapd does NOT send the Sync ID sets containing the entryUUIDs of all
> records in the provider database.

Using the syncprov_sessionlog can allow the provider to shortcut this. Since 
you haven't show any details of your configuration, we can't say if this 
difference in behavior is a bug or a config error.
   -- Howard Chu
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