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(ITS#6486) OpenLDAP Admin Guide Backends Documentation

Full_Name: Ryan Steele
Version: 2.4.18
OS: Ubuntu Server
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The Admin Guide section on backends is inconsistent in terms of specifying the
moduleload statement, and whether or not it is required for any arbitrary
backend.  For example, the documentation on back-ldif explicitly states that it
is not needed:

>You'll notice that when compared to examples below, there is no:
>   moduleload  back_ldif.la
>directive. This is because back_ldif is always built in by default as it is
used by 
>slapd-config(5), which again is built in by default.

This is in contrast to the monitor backend configuration section where it is
noted as being required:

>You can however set a rootdn and rootpw. The following is all that is needed to

>instantiate a monitor backend:
>        include ./schema/core.schema
>        modulepath  /usr/local/libexec/openldap
>        moduleload  back_monitor.la
>        database monitor
>        rootdn "cn=monitoring,cn=Monitor"
>        rootpw monitoring

Or, in the back-ldap configuration section, where mention is omitted entirely:

>        database        ldap
>        suffix          "dc=suretecsystems,dc=com"
>        rootdn          "cn=slapd-ldap"
>        uri             ldap://localhost/ ldap://remotehost ldap://remotehost2

I should note that this ITS is not referring sections in which the configuration
section for a backend is missing entirely (such as back-meta), because IMHO the
lack of information there precludes it from being subject to the aforementioned

I made sure to check with #openldap on Freenode (2010-03-03, 14:05 EST) before
submitting this ITS, and have made sure to obtain Howard's blessing:

<hyc>	go ahead and submit an ITS. I don't think you need to attach a patch.
<hyc>	probably we'll just add a bluurb at the top "if your installation uses
dynamic modules, you may need to add the relevant moduleload directives to the
following examples"
<hyc>	and leave it at that.